Paying players help fill the poker room

My first casino job was as a poker host and host player for the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas in 1976. It’s hard to believe that was 40 years ago.

Since then, I have turned many poker rooms from money losers into profitable companies by paying players to play for casinos visit poker88.

The common house player, also known as the player or proposition property, is driven by management in and out of the game to keep the action going and the house rake flowing. Unlike the hosts, they are told when to start and leave the game. Some of the home players are “silent props” who play in whatever game they like. Most mute props are specialized players who can start or make a game run on their own. These valuable home players are highly social, and while often seen as “fish” by other patrons, most are fairly skilled and solid players.

My boss at the Golden Nugget is legendary poker player and Hall Of Famer Bill Boyd, who understands you have to “grease the wheels” to get action. I believe it’s still a winning philosophy today. Bill would go to the casino cash drawer, give me a $ 500 chip, and have me start the game of poker with house money. It’s a great job, considering I got half the money I won.

Las Vegas has a long history of renting casino props, or “shields” as they were called in the past. Several shields are hired to play slots with house money to make the casino look attractive to visitors. They are there to scream and laugh and create excitement to make the players want to play in that fun casino. This is the same principle in poker, but without the screaming or fake acting. However, most of the time.