Appear at a higher level with Four of a Kinds

Now, I don’t track hand counts specifically. So when I say I seem like too little and too much, I’m really talking hunch. I’ll take my final result to show that I might be right. I brought all of this up because while this was happening, I was very tempted to deviate from the right strategy.

Where I have Low Pairs plus 4-Card Flush, I am tempted to stick with Low Pairs given how rarely I draw Flush (or so it seems). If I have a High Card or Two with a 4-Flush or Straight Card, I’m tempted to keep the High Card. I know this is the wrong game. However, when you do the right thing and get the wrong response, you almost feel like you want to “trick the machine” and play some other strategy playing the card game Evodomino.

Now, if someone like me was tempted to do this, what would happen to a casual player who may have some idea of ​​the right strategy, but may lack full knowledge of why the strategy is what it is.

I’m the boy who basically created the first strategy for video poker. I know strategy and why it is what it is. I know the machines are random, even if they cross really cool lines. I know in the long run the game will show completely random results according to what is expected mathematically.

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Updated: 30 November 2020 — 5:41 pm