And politics are made bets ahead of Election Day by Kampuspoker poker players

In every poker hand that has ever been dealt, a poker player on the Kampuspoker website uses a combination of intuition and statistical analysis to take incomplete information and make the best decisions at any point in time.

Obviously, the same group of gamblers will gamble at the election. There is a lot of incomplete information, there is a lot of statistical analysis, and especially in this election cycle, a lot of intuition is used.

Most major polls give Democratic candidate Joe Biden a huge lead ahead of Tuesday’s election, but the same poll projects a similar landslide win for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Last year’s results swayed some in the poker world to bet on President Donald Trump. to win the election.

In America, it is not legal for regulated sites to accept bets on elections. With time running out before the ballots count, many poker players looking for some action in the vote took to social media to book some last minute bets against other gamblers.

High-stakes mixed gaming specialist Matt Glantz has become one of the most active election gamblers in the poker community. For most of the year, Glantz bet as much as he could on Biden. Last week, however, as the odds on Trump became more lucrative, Glantz began looking to hedge some of his previous bets.

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Updated: 30 November 2020 — 5:31 pm