The bet continues in the hope of folding Ponakov’s flop

This hand saw Jason Koon make a slim value bet on the river, only to make Aleksejs Ponakov respond by turning his top pair into a cliff. Koon started the hand as the clear chip leader at the Agenpoker303 table, with a stack of nearly 50 big blinds almost twice as big as the others at the table.

It folds to Koon on the button and he raises in a 7-5 offsuit, likely more on the merits of his position and stack dynamics than on the strength of his holecard. Ponakovs is the fourth largest stack on the table, and he defends his big blind in his A-4 suit. Ponakov dropped the top pair on the A´ K ™ 9´ board and checked, most likely hoping to control the pot size against the large pile. Koon had no fight to speak of and no straight draw.

He gave up a follow-up bet in the hopes of folding Ponakov’s unsuccessful hand. The stakes are canceled, and it is turn to bring the shovels again. Ponakov checked a second time and Khun checked behind him. The river carried a fourth shovel, causing Koon to be splashed seven times. Ponakov checked again and Koon decided to make a small bet of 675,000 into the 1,687,500 pot.

Koon is most likely expecting to receive a call from a weak upper pair and a lower flush. Ponakovs had played all the way before with the only clear aim of making a fight with his top partner, the weak kicker. However, given the texture of the four-spade plank, he has been given the opportunity to turn his hand into a bluff designed to draw folds away from Koon’s sheer value bet range.

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Updated: 30 November 2020 — 5:17 pm