Seeing the pro players through Negreanu’s eye at Sultanpoker88

I have always admired Daniel Negreanu, a world famous poker celebrity and member of the Poker Hall of Fame. Rather than just making a living at the Sultanpoker88 game, he seems to care about the world of poker. And he is willing to share his thoughts with all of us. I consider him a true poker professional – a rare individual.

Back in April 2015, he wrote about poker pros. When I wrote a column on GamingToday about ‚ÄúDefining a real ‘pro’ player (4 April 2017), I didn’t know Negreanu’s previous posts on the same topic. Subsequently, a reader was kind enough to post me a blog by Daniel with a much different perspective. Whatever he writes is worthy of our time to read and study. So, think of this column as a sequel based on what I learned from it.

As I explained earlier, I believe that professional people, like doctors, help heal people’s ailments; or a scientist / engineer seeking to better understand or improve our world – such as an environmentalist or space scientist.

Most of those who call themselves poker pros, are just looking to get enough money at the table to support themselves and their families – perhaps saving some savings for the future. But, they don’t contribute anything by making the world a better place, or helping anyone other than themselves. Few, if any, gain sufficient wealth to be generous.

In that vein, Negreanu discusses what it takes to become what is usually considered a (so called) professional poker player. As an analogy, he likened a poker pro to a small one-man business owner. The customer is her counterpart at the table – utterly selfish and almost unprofessional, in my opinion.

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Updated: 30 November 2020 — 5:10 pm